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With our comprehensive monitoring services and analytics, Ducosuite seamlessly integrates multiple PR functions into an industry-leading software.
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Reviewing your PR and media monitoring options?

With access to your unrivaled contacts database, our comprehensive monitoring services and analytics tools, Ducosuite seamlessly integrates multiple PR functions into an industry-leading software.

Here are a few ways that Ducosuite will help you quickly build tailored relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive.


Easily share from anywhere

The Ducosuite canvas exists within your browser and lets you share content from anywhere in the world. Just click and schedule the content you want and distribute your news letters, press releases, and targetted emails to your tailored mailing lists within seconds.


Create Your Favorite Templates

Create, design, refine and re-use custom templates using our carefully designed, powerful and user friendly drag & drop widgets with full CSS access.


Measure your campaign performance

We automatically log real time analytics on the fly and giving you access to insightful data to measure each campaigns performance to help you benchmark against competitors and assess the strength of your brand.


Manage multiple mailing lists

Import, create and tailor your mailing lists with our easy & user friendly mailing list manager anywhere in the world or upload a local version using a csv.

Need More Convincing?

Our integrated PR software Includes:

Building Custom Templates

Importing Mailing Lists (DIY & Hassle Free!)

DIY Personal Media Manager

Schedule and Distribute Content

Advanced Real time Analytic Tools

The new and simple Ducosuite Canvas

Streamline and manage your PR Team

(Coming soon!)

Social Media Manager

(Coming soon!)

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