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Public relations software can aid a company that is looking at developing a crowdfunding platform to manage their communication to help them reach their goals through interactions with influencers.
Public Relations software
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Crowdfunding and the Public Relations Challenge


Crowdfunding and the Public Relations Challenge

Public relations software is a necessity to the modern crowdfunding campaign, but not just because it makes life easier for crowdfunders. To truly understand why public relations is such an important part of crowdfunding success, we must first explore the different ideas at play in developing a successful crowdfunding platform. Public relations is but a single, small cog in a much larger machine. By turning the small cog, we can exert less energy to make the entire machine do what we want it to. So how exactly does one ‘life hack’ their way into public relations success? The secret comes from understanding how human beings think.

A Crash Course in Psychology

People are people and how they think is unique to each and every one of them. No one truly understands how the human mind functions, and we don’t want to know how it works, we just want to know the parts of it that interest us – The parts dealing with relationships. We’re not talking about falling in love with someone and getting married. The relationships we want to explore are those that are valuable to the success of the crowdfunding project. These relationships are those forged between the company and the media or influencers that push or promote the product on a public platform.

The Problem of Visibility

Having a great idea is just the first step in the long and winding road to making a successful crowdfunding campaign. Before people can even be interested in what you’re creating, they first have to know it exists. How does this happen? By utilizing your relationships with the people that have visibility. With clever use of PR software, a company can set themselves up to be one of the most visible companies on the Internet. All it takes is a little research into the people you WANT talking about your product. Once those people mention it, then the people that follow them will get curious. Maybe they’ll click on the crowdfunding link and realize it’s a good idea. And then maybe, just maybe, they might consider it such a good idea that they want to get in on the ground floor. The big problem to overcome for businesses of all sizes is that of being seen and recognized.

How PR Software Helps These Relationships

One of the best ways to turn a media house or social media influencer off about a product or company is to waste their time. Avoiding this is what a company needs to do if they intend to utilize these channels to get the word out to potential buyers. How does one waste an influencer’s time? One-sided correspondence is the immediate answer. If you intend to have them spread the message about your product you are going to need more than simply a plea in good faith. Offering these people something in terms of either a trial version of the final product or something else along those lines does wonders for increasing their willingness to hear you out.

One on One Discussions

To build a good relationship with an influencer, a company needs to face them directly and needs to respond to them quickly when they have any queries. Good public relations software can aid in getting that done. This timely response as well as a deep and meaningful conversation with the influencer (rather than bland, impersonal press releases) goes a long way towards cultivating a healthy marketing relationship with the influencer and makes them more likely to back the product in the future. Remember, if you succeed in wasting an influencer’s time, they are going to be less inclined to speak about your product or company in the future.

Laying the Groundwork

Success comes when opportunity meets preparation. Developing sound interpersonal relationships with influencers helps to develop a solid foundation to build on when it comes to marketing a crowdfunding campaign.

Even the most prepared crowdfunding campaigns need a little bit of help when it comes to managing their public relations and their interactions with both clients and influencers. Ducosuite offers a very good solution for indie crowdfunding marketers and small to medium companies that need someone to manage their marketing and PR efforts in a single entity.

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