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4 Ways Public Relations Works for Spreading the Message

Ducosuite - 4 Ways Public Relations Works for Spreading the Message

4 Ways Public Relations Works for Spreading the Message

Crowdfunding requires good PR software that can aid in getting the word out to the public. The basis behind focusing on public relations is about getting the outreach necessary so that the project can gain steam and potentially go viral. Since no one has a surefire route for going viral as yet, the only thing that a crowdfunding project can hope for is attracting the attention of the people who would be fired up about the project enough to start evangelizing about it. PR software’s along with a competent operator can provide a lot of mileage towards spreading the message and getting it in front of the right people. Here’s four ways that public relations can help to get your project noticed.

1) Social Media Shares and Likes

A PR software suite that includes social media marketing is a gift to crowdfunders since social media allows for the sharing of specific posts to a specific demographic. Never before has it been so easy to design and run a targeted marketing campaign in order to reach the right kind of people for any particular idea. Once those people see it then it’s a simple step for them to make it to the crowdfunding page to get more information or to share it themselves bringing it to the notice of other like-minded people who think that your idea is a good idea.

2) Event Marketing Planning

Event marketing utilizes the power of a large group of people to spread the message about a project. In many business circles this type of marketing is the go-to position because of the amount of leads it develops. The key point in setting up these types of meets is that the project needs to get to a certain level where it can be demonstrated. Usually this type of marketing is confined to a few weeks before the official release, where a working prototype is shown to the public so that those who were on the fence can finally witness the project in its actuality. Many times, after events like these, crowdfunding projects get a whole new burst of interest in them.

3) Tap into Existing Channels

In the online world there are already a large amount of people who have followers that number in the hundreds of thousands. Social media has made it so that celebrities are becoming more numerous after every passing day. This is beneficial for the PR campaign for a small indie project. These people are usually willing to give your project some airtime in their busy schedule, but only if you manage to thoroughly impress them with it. Crowdfunding projects that seek to improve the lives of everyone or make life a lot easier than it already is are good candidates for being advertised on social media influencer posts.

4) Build the Hype

The thing with building hype is that it needs to start from something. The downside is that it may be setting the consumer up for disappointment. And the scariest thing about the hype train is that once it starts going there’s very little a project team can do to stop it. Although there are notable mentions when it comes to using the hype train properly (e.g. The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy) there are far more examples of it leading to a lot of disappointment from the backers and potential buyers of the project (e.g. Mighty No. 9 and No Man’s Sky). Building the hype is good, but there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Getting In front of the Right People

Public relations is all about finding the right audience and keeping them informed. Although some companies can dedicate an entire department to the job of PR, the small to medium companies that form the basis of many crowdfunded projects don’t have that luxury. For companies like those, having a PR software such as Ducosuite can do wonders for their capability to wrangle the anaconda that is public relations in the 21st century.

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