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3 Ways Public Relations Helps a Small Business


3 Ways Public Relations Helps a Small Business

Many companies don’t stop to consider PR software solutions since they don’t see public relations as a major part of their public image. In the past that was quite a legitimate dismissal, but as the internet has spread and a company can easily have a press release go out, having a professional PR software in your arsenal that can be used for a small or medium business is something businesses should look into.

Public relations on the whole is something that benefits a business in the short to medium term, giving a company the ability to spread the word about its business and reach out to consumers on a whole new level. Among the ways public relations benefits a business are:

1) Public Relations builds Persona

For a business, having a face that people can talk to is an important step to getting them to trust you. Psychologically, people tend to trust a business if it has a particular figurehead or spokesperson that they can relate to. This comes from the mind’s ability to associate something tangible with the idea of a business. Public relations offers a business a chance to build a persona that they can then present to the public.

A company that develops a persona that catches the attention of the people they are trying to attract succeeds in utilizing public relations to connect to the populous. In the case of social media marketing the idea of a persona takes on even more importance as that persona is the face of the business online and represents it in conversations had on social media channels.

2) Public Relations Builds Credibility

Usually, public relations is done through an intermediary and that means that these intermediaries are responsible for passing the message on to the public. These middle-men and women have their own credibility. By passing a message through them, a company adopts their credibility as their own, temporarily.

It should also be noted that a public relations message must be chosen that is truthful and that doesn’t promise what can’t be delivered. Intermediaries will not deliver such messages since it damages their credibility, not just the credibility of the parent company. These middle-men and women serve as filters to ensure that only the most pertinent and viable information gets to the public.

3) Public Relations Builds Relationships

In this sense public relations is important from the perspective of building relationships between businesses and influencers and businesses and customers. The first situation happens as a business contracts an influencer to aid in spreading the message about a particular product or to build brand awareness. In such a case, influencers tend to enjoy being on good terms with their clients and this relationship can lead to a long term source of information for the influencer and a ready distribution center for information for the company.

For a consumer, the interaction online that goes on with respect to social media or on blog comment sections allow a company to cultivate a positive environment for feedback. When a company actually listens to the feedback of its customers they are usually held in higher regard than a company that simply ignored the people complaining. Building relationships like these ensure long-term business from clients.

Building a Public Relations Engine

Public relations is only successful when the person involved in producing it is aware of the pulse of the populace. A public relations engine requires inputs from the people working on projects and outputs such as influencers or other distribution outlets. To develop a proper public relations engine, a company needs to have the right kind of software to aid them. Ducosuite was developed to aid small and medium businesses manage their public relations engine and keep it streamlined so that it works the way it’s supposed to. Check out Ducosuite today to find out more!

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