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3 Public Relations Tips that Cost Very Little to Implement

3 Public Relations Tips that Cost Very Little to Implement - Ducosuite

3 Public Relations Tips that Cost Very Little to Implement

For companies thinking of crowdfunding, having the right PR software is simply the first step on a potentially long journey.

PR Software provides a lot of benefits to the average small or medium business, especially if its success depends upon the popularity of their product. In the case of crowdfunding companies, it’s usually only a handful of visionaries with an idea working on developing the tools and the support to make that idea into something tangible. For these such companies, there are a handful of public relations tips that don’t cost much but can have quite an impact on the business’ overall success.

  1. Develop a Rapport Before the Pitch

Reaching out to a blogger, journalist or some other influencer is a big part of getting your idea spread to the world. However, before simply approaching the journalist or blogger and hitting him or her over the head with your idea, you might want to gauge their response.

The best way to do this is to develop a rapport with the person who’s going to be reporting your story. Probably the best thing that a company looking to tap into the vast amount of readers that a journalist or blogger needs to do is to show that they, too, are a reader of that journalist or blogger. Investing the time into developing a rapport with your contact helps to ensure that the spirit of the message gets translated along with the infectious enthusiasm you no doubt have for the project.

  1. Focus on a Few Channels

A lot of companies can be lulled into the belief that spreading their message means bombarding people who can get the message out with automated emails. This is probably the worst approach to actually raising awareness and building enthusiasm. No one likes to open an inbox full of auto-generated spam email, and continuing to send those emails will simply result in them being tossed into the trash without even being read.

The opposite approach is to focus your intent upon a handful of journalists, bloggers or social media influencers to get them to drop the name and goal of your project sometime. In order to do this, you’re going to have to get those individuals excited about your project. It means you have to believe in it and be able to share that with anyone who talks with you. This is crucial to getting that excitement out to the general public and start building hype.

  1. Use Content Marketing to your Benefit

Although the idea of ‘content marketing’ is one that’s usually applied to companies that have a steadily operating blog on their home site, in this sense it means that you should be seeking to write articles as guest posts to popular blogs. Creating content is one of the most effective ways to spread the message, and it costs you nothing but time to do so. All you need to do is to research where this content is going to make the largest impact and then unleash it on the world.

Creating content shows that you are willing to invest time into your enterprise. If the content is well done, it will make the entire project memorable, even to people who don’t fit into the niche you’re aiming for.

Public Relations is a Complex Game

If a company wants to survive and thrive in this complex game, it must find the people best suited to giving it the edge they need to get its message out. Public relations, especially for a small to medium business, means engaging people and informing them of what you’re doing. The first thing it has to do is to ensure that people in the niche that would like to have that project the most know that it’s in development.

In the case of crowdfunding, getting the word out means using your public relations leverage to the maximum efficiency. A site like Ducosuite is perfect for helping small and medium businesses realize their public relations potentials. Check it out today to find out how it can help your business reach all the right people.

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