3 PR Tactics Small Businesses can Easily Leverage - Ducosuite
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3 Effective Small Business PR Tactics that Work

4 PR Tactics Small Businesses can Easily Leverage - Ducosuite

3 Effective Small Business PR Tactics that Work

Ducosuite was designed to serve the purpose of helping small and medium businesses realize their true potential in terms of what public relations can offer to them. One thing that most small businesses realize early on is that a public relations coup requires a lot of money in order to grab a lot of attention. This is usually why smaller businesses suffer to get off the blocks when competing against multinational corporations with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on public relations. However, there are a handful of things the average small business can do to even the odds that aren’t really in the public relations handbook.

  1. Catch the Attention of the Public

Public relations is all about making the public aware of what your company is doing. In order to do that you need to catch their attention. Catching the public’s attention is a simple matter of finding out how your business can play into the current events of piggyback on a rising theme in the local region. One of the more popular recent trends that can be used to fuel a company’s presence creatively is the Pokémon Go phenomenon sweeping the world. By using this as a jumping off point a company can easily develop a business strategy that makes them stand out as noticeable, not just for the players of the game but to those who only have a passing acquaintance with it. That’s what you’re aiming for when you utilize the opportunity presented to you in current events.

  1. Start Supporting a Charity

Doing a PR stunt just for attention is one thing, but doing it with the aim of promoting a charity is something completely different. While the corporate world doesn’t lack in its charitable actions, a lot of smaller businesses see charity as something they can afford to support when they get to a sustainable point. However, charitable work attracts attention, even more so when it’s used as a public relations helper. One that immediately comes to mind is the 2013 ALS ice bucket Challenge that went viral to the point where news anchors started doing it on air. That is the sort of widespread publicity that is possible for a charitable public relations campaign.

  1. Check out the Local News

As a business, your aim should be to support your community. The only way a business can claim to do that is to take an active part in the day to day goings-on of the region. Online news makes it easy to interact with people in the area through a social media page. By using this page to comment on the local news, a company can adapt their message to use a trending news item to boost their business. The local news affects everyone in the area and paying attention to it can presents some unique opportunities.

Grabbing Attention is the Key Element

People’s attention spans in the modern world are somewhat limited. In the past you could expect people to sit and read for hours on end and spend a long time working on a delicate project, relishing their own patience. Now, thanks to a lot of instant gratification it’s a lot harder to get and keep people’s attention. They’re always being distracted by the next big thing.

For a small to medium business the best idea for this would be to use Ducosuite in order to aid their public relations schemes. When done right, this type of management alongside these few tips can help to boost a company’s PR presence greatly. Check out Ducosuite today to find out more!

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