3 Strategies for Growing a Business using Public Relations - Ducosuite
With our comprehensive monitoring services and analytics, Ducosuite seamlessly integrates multiple PR functions into an industry-leading software.
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3 PR Strategies that Fuel Business Growth

3 PR Strategies that Fuel Business Growth - Ducosuite

3 PR Strategies that Fuel Business Growth

Ducosuite was developed as means of assisting small and medium business with their PR needs through software that’s easy to use and master. Using Ducosuite, companies can have an unique opportunity to experience high quality PR software without having to expend a ridiculous amount of capital on it.

Public relations by itself serves as a vehicle that can help to increase a business’ growth over time by focusing on getting the business and its associated products recognized. There are a vast number of ways that public relations can aid a business to burgeon from its humble roots into a sprawling empire. Here are a handful of strategies small and medium businesses can leverage to make their presence felt and their brand more recognizable.

  1. Use Influencers to your Benefit

For a small to medium company, the aim of doing good PR is to reach out to the masses and to touch base with them, letting them know what you have to offer. However, people have become quite wary of traditional marketing tactics. Any attempt to sell to a person whether it’s direct or through indirect advertisements, will be met with resistance and in some cases annoyance.

The way around this wall of denial is by using influencers. Through these people (who a large number of people listen to) a business can tap into a demographic that otherwise wouldn’t give it the time of day. Using influencers to spread information about the your company can help your company become more known, and sometimes all it takes is a sample of the company’s products to pay for such exposure.

  1. Build on your History

Advertising may not sell, but a good story sure does. In the twenty-first century, building a brand usually means promoting the products they produce, but also letting the public know the company they’re getting into bed with. Since social media is such a big thing in the corporate environment these days, it becomes difficult to try to pull a fast one on the customer.

Let the people who are buying from you know what spawned the idea of your company. Consumers today are more invested in emotions than they ever have been in the past, but it has become exceedingly difficult to tap into those emotions from a public relations perspective. This tactic gives a company the leverage it needs to promote their backstory and eventually their product.

  1. Public Relations doesn’t use Ads Anymore

Creating ads to promote a business is a turn-of-the-millennium strategy that has all but worn out. Like it was mentioned before, people hate being sold to blatantly like that. But people do love being told stories and given ideas, and for that, the best game in town is content production. Producing well-meaning and useful content makes a company become more than just a business that sells a product.

A content marketing campaign can make customers aware of more than just the products the company makes. By focusing on a value-based system a company can make itself a lot of fans which then become brand evangelists and spread the good word about the company. Content marketing takes time, but over a long period the returns are immense.

Growing a Business on the Strength of Public Relations

A business requires a lot of effort to properly grow. Research into marketing methods and strategies alongside the implementation of a targeted marketing philosophy can do a lot of help a company see continued growth over years. However, a company looking into growing at a very quick rate over a short period of time should really check out Ducosuite as an alternative to the expensive PR software packages available on the market. Check us out today to see if what we offer is in line with what you expect from a site that focuses on the PR needs of businesses like yours.

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